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Sand healing Tour in Gobi Desert

Sand healing Tour in Gobi Desert

€2100 per person

The Sand healing Retreat is an 11 days healing journey physically as well as mentally. The ancient sand healing method is comparable with a sweat lodge. It will detoxify your body through your biggest organ, the skin. Your mental and emotional state will be re-oriented through guided meditations, healing rituals and understanding the knowledge of light beings.

The trip will be guided in English by the Mongolian Altai Wisdomkeeper Bulgan Windhorse. More about Bulgan:



Gobi Desert

The Sand Healing Mountain, Uush, is a great place with ancient Mongolian mystical healing powers. It’s situated in the middle of the Gobi Desert, which lies in the Southern part of Mongolia, where sandy desert occupies 3% of the total territory. It is also a land of dinosaurs, the home for camel breeders and rich with wildlife and vegetations. Nowadays many international groups of people come to Mongolia just for this unique healing place.

This trip is great for those who really want to be cured by the special healing power of the sand, which you can only find in the Gobi Desert.

The sand is not the same as normal sand; it has many different minerals, that are essential for our body, and have a very fine structure that absorbs a lot of sun energy and lots of oxygen.

Benefits of the sand

It is an excellent and a natural method to heal: mineral deficiency, oxygen deficiency, toxicity, back problems, osteoarthritis of osteoporosis, rheumatic fever, lever, kidney, uterus (womb), disease and the effects of injuries of the musculoskeletal system, nervous system, high and low blood pressure problem, the male and female reproductive system, infertility, skin diseases and swelling of the body and legs, etc.

Scientifically proven

Our skin is the largest organ of our body and second is the long.

According to Norwegian scientists is 1 hour sweating the same as 24,hours urinating. There are a lot of scientific researches that show us that many medical treatments are based on the function of our skin.

  • Sauna
  • Hyperthermia therapy
  • Sweat-lodge: shamanic ancient healing method
  • Mineral bathwater with different minerals that our body needs
  • Detoxing bath with special minerals and herbs with warm bathwater that take out toxicity from your body through the skin
  • Oxygen bathwater with extra oxygen
  • Thermo warm bathwater, which is used to increase the body temperature and so on

Healing Vacation

You will get all of this treatment as one with this healing vacation. The ancient sand healing means that you’re going to be covered by hot sand in the sand mountain. You will sweat like if you are in a sauna or sweat lodge. The purpose of this process is sweating, so that special sand minerals can melt into your skin. Your pores will open up by the heat of the sand, while the toxins in your body will be released and at the same time your body will absorb the minerals, oxygen, sun energy and powerful healing energy from the sand mountain. Sweating leads to relaxation of the lever and kidneys, this means that they will be able to reproduce new cells ( regenerate). To be totally covered by the sand is also a sort of shamanic dead ritual, which you can interpret as the rebirth.


Vegetarian food will be combined with intermittent fasting.

16+ Age
  • Destination
  • Departure
  • Return Time
  • Dress Code


Arrival in UB – Gandan and Tumun Ekh Chuulga (national concert of performance of traditional music instruments (horse violin), dance and song, overtone singing (depending on corona regulations).


Drive to Gobi – Sand healing resort

20/07 - 27/07

Daily schedule
  • A sunbath, hot sand treatment but the time will vary each day.
  • Healing massage.
  • 1-hour lecture about “ emotional healing ”, “maintaining a state of being “, “become a ritual”.
  • Sated guided meditation for 1 hour with mp3 headset.
  • Lying down meditation for 1 hour with an mp3 headset.
  • Walking meditation with mp3 headset.


Drive back to UB


Flight back home


UB Town, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

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